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We are committed to designing products that look and feel as good as they sound.


Coach Darwin Salam

Audioletic AL-100 headphones allow me to do anything I want to do with superior sound, solid fit, and most of all no worry that sweat will damage them! I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for wireless headphones!!


This is a great product and the customer service that was provided before and after my purchase was the best I've received in a very long time. They were responsive and beyond knowledgable about their products. They took great care of me and I am proud to recommend these to anyone whose looking for a great pair of headphones,


These headphones have provided me with the confidence of being able to do anything I need to do while listening to music. I’ve used them to study, listen to my favorite jams and most importantly to workout. Working out with these headphones is a pleasure because they stay on my ears and the sweat does not mess them up or interrupt the music from sounding clear. I love these headphones. Fair price for great quality!

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